Ships Management

The function of the management team is to provide the owner with support throughout the occupancy of the Vessel, such as manage the operation, Crewing, materials purchasing and maintained the Engines services.

Ships Charter

A Shipbrokers team to provides chartering services on both regional and international basis in the field of dry bulk cargo, crude, fuel oil, liquid petroleum and other refinery product. The team has wide range connections and regular communication with oil trades, ship owners.

Spare Part / Material Handling

Handling spare parts / material transit for vessel calling Indonesian water, including customs, land transport, water transport and/or air Transport.

Manning Agent

This Division will serving various ships owner to provide :

- Ships Crew, Superintendent, Technician, Manager who will visit vessel for joining / Inspection.

- Repatriation of ships crew, Superintendent, Technician Manager Etc.

- Applying visa, exit permit, escorting etc.